Here we are, entering 2022 and the more things change, the more they stay the same. Yes, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, yes, we are still wearing masks and washing hands and no, we haven’t done much air travel. One thing that did change for the Sheffield team was the ability to have our first in-person trade show in almost two years!

In-person trade shows return

In November of 2021, as we were seeing a lull in Covid infections and although there was still a mask requirement for indoor gatherings, SME (Smart Manufacturing) put on the WESTEC trade show in Long Beach.  Having done trade shows for years, I can admit we weren’t sure what to expect from WESTEC in the middle of a pandemic. It feels great to say that this was a resounding success.

View of Long Beach Convention Center

Photo Credit: @mfgtechseries

As most of us can relate to, when we need information on products, services, etc., We can turn to the internet. The most spoken words when requested information is needed; just Google it. There is however something to be said about the ability to meet face-to face, (or should I say mask to mask), and have an in-depth discussion regarding the plating industry and how we as a company can be of service.

Professionals from both coasts

We met with procurement professionals from both coasts and the Midwest to discuss process specifications, availability of production capacity, technical resource allocation and OEM Approvals. These discussions were insightful and presented a path forward from an economic standpoint. We were encouraged to hear that some production is starting to slowly claw its way back. We do feel that with supply chain gaps and the continuing pandemic, operations will not return to pre-pandemic revenue levels until late 2022, but we will press on.

Photo Credit: @Westec

It was a great show for Sheffield Platers, we look forward to more in person events as we move through 2022. Stay safe and healthy America and stay tuned for next month’s blog; SPI E-Nickel PTFE.

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