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Sheffield Platers is a third generation family owned business located in San Diego, California. Our state of the art facility along with our dedicated team has given Sheffield the tools and ability to provide top quality metal finishing worldwide. Sustaining our environmental stewardship is a focal point and has enabled Sheffield to become an environmental leader locally, nationally, and internationally. Our goal of exceeding expectations for personal service, fast turn-around, dependable quality and innovative custom processes for clients in a wide variety of industries continues to be our mantra.

A Few Facts

Company Founded: 1946
President: Dale L. Watkins
Vice President: Mark E. Watkins
Secretary: Shelley B. Watkins
Total Square Feet of Facility: 21,000
Total Lot Size: 1 Acre,
Facility Built in 1987; Owned & Operated by Sheffield Platers since 1994
2000 / 480 Amps Capacity
Full Sprinklered H7 Occupancy
Zero Discharge Facility to the POTW

Sheffield Platers Owners


The Finest Metal Finishing Since 1946

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