Sheffield’s Connector & Hermetic Plating Offers:

Sheffield Platers, Inc. is one of the leading facilities in the United States specializing in the electroplating of Hermetic Connectors and Standard Connectors, Pressure Bulkheads, Headers and Feed-Thrus. Sheffield is also a leading supplier of Plating on machined and cast Aluminum used for hermetic connector and standard connector housings and bodies. Many leading-edge companies involved in the aerospace, defense, geophysical, nuclear, oilfield and medical device industries depend on Sheffield for their ability to electroplate glass-to-metal-sealed interconnection devices and aluminum shells for their interconnect devices.

Sheffield Platers built their hermetic connector plating process line in 2009 with the intent to electroplate connectors for a single key customer. This initial requirement and work-flow allowed Sheffield the ability to gain insight and expertise in this highly technical field of electroplating. This experience has provided Sheffield the ability to expand our customer base and capacity. Sheffield just plated our two-millionth hermetic connector.


Capabilities & Capacities:

  • Electroless Nickel Hermetic Connector Plating
  • Gold Plating on Hermetic Connector Pins
  • Tin Plating on Hermetic Connector Pins and Shells
  • Tin-Lead Plating on Hermetic Connector Shells and Pins
  • Duplex Layer Plating on Hermetic Connector Shells
  • Cadmium (Olive Drab) Plating of Hermetic Connector Shells
  • Multiple Layer and Mixed Layer Plating of Hermetic Connector Pins and Shells
  • Gold Plating of loose connector pins
  • Electroless Nickel Plating of Aluminum Shells
  • Electroless Nickel and Cadmium Plating on Aluminum Shells
  • Selective Plating on Aluminum Shells
  • Gold Plating of loose connector pins
  • Gold Selective over Aluminum
  • Silver Selective over Aluminum
  • Multi-Layer (Gold and Cadmium, Olive Drab Selective Plating on Aluminum)

*12% env fee applicable on all orders.

*Notice is hereby given that Sheffield Platers Terms and Conditions of sale, QP4.3F06 Rev D shall apply to this order and can be found here: Terms & Conditions


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