Sheffield’s Electrolytic Nickel Types and Characteristics:

  • Bright nickel: shiny appearance
  • Sulfamate nickel: semi-bright in appearance. This plating bath gives a very pure nickel deposit with minimal stress. The deposit can be soldered and brazed with a minimum amount of difficulty
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Used as an undercoat for precious metals
  • Improves hardness
  • Improves strength
  • Improved ductility
  • Improved lubricity
  • Non-galling properties
  • Thickness controlled by current density and is a non-uniform finish.

We currently serve the electronic, semiconductor, medical, and connector sectors as well as many areas of commercial, military, and aerospace manufacturing.


Capabilities & Capacities:

Rack Plating

For intricate shapes, including molded contacts, connectors, rotatable connectors, ground springs, and selective plating.

Wire Plating

For high volume mid-size parts, selective plating, intricate geometries.

Barrel Plating

For high volume of contact pins, small contact rings, and various small size parts.

Extensive In-house Quality and Analytical Laboratory

Featuring the latest in X-ray per ASTM B 568, Chemical Analysis and Atomic Absorption, NDT, Solderability, Adhesion per ASTM B 571.


Parts up to 2 feet.

*12% env fee applicable on all orders.

*Notice is hereby given that Sheffield Platers Terms and Conditions of sale, QP4.3F06 Rev D shall apply to this order and can be found here: Terms & Conditions



PROCESS: Electrolytic Nickel

QQ-N-290 / AMS QQ-N-290

*Specify decorative or engineering application. Sulfamate or bright Nickel available

Grade A THICKNESS: .0016”
Grade B THICKNESS: .0012”
Grade C THICKNESS: 0.001”
Grade D THICKNESS: 0.0008”
Grade E THICKNESS: 0.0006”
Grade F THICKNESS: 0.0004”
Grade G THICKNESS: 0.0002”

AMS 2403

THICKNESS: As specified by the customer.

*Nadcap and RoHs Compliant


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