CHEMICAL FILM COATING – min lot $350 (ROHS Type II - $500)

Sheffield’s Chemical Film Coating Services:

The MIL-DTL-5541 specification covers chemical conversion coatings that form protective coatings by chemical reaction with aluminum and aluminum alloy.

We currently serve the electronic, connector, and semiconductor sectors as well as many areas of commercial, military and aerospace manufacturing.

Capabilities & Capacities:

Rack Plating

For intricate shapes, including molded contacts, connectors, rotatable connectors, ground springs, and selective plating.

Wire Plating

For high volume mid-size parts, selective plating, intricate geometries.

Extensive In-house Quality and Analytical Laboratory

Featuring the latest in Chemical Analysis and Atomic Absorption.

Tank Capacity

2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet

*12% env fee applicable on all orders.

*Notice is hereby given that Sheffield Platers Terms and Conditions of sale, QP4.3F06 Rev D shall apply to this order and can be found here: Terms & Conditions


PROCESS: Chemical Film

Type I DETAIL: Contains hexavalent chromium
Type II DETAIL: Does not contain hexavalent chromium (This service is not offered by SPI.)
Class 1a THICKNESS: None DETAIL: Max corrosion protection, painted or unpainted (Yellow unless otherwise specified.)
Class 3 THICKNESS: None DETAIL: Low electrical resistance (Yellow unless otherwise specified.)


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