Sheffields SPI E-Nickel Black Plating:

SPI E-Nickel Black is a proprietary plating and blackening process for many commercial and decorative applications.

It is designed to blacken low or medium phosphorous electroless nickel. The finish reflectivity of the SPI E-Nickel BLACK is dependent on the surface finish of the base material. A matte surface finish of the base material, with a low thickness of electroless nickel, will provide a less reflective surface, whereas a highly reflective surface finish of the base material and a higher electroless nickel thickness will provide a higher reflectivity. It creates a thin black nickel oxide film that is free of loose smut.


Capabilities & Capacities:

Rack Plating

For intricate shapes and geometries.

Wire Plating

For high volume mid-size parts and intricate geometries.

Extensive In-house Quality and Analytical Laboratory

Chemical Analysis and Atomic Absorption, NDT, Adhesion per ASTM B 571.


Parts up to 2 feet.

*12% env fee applicable on all orders.

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