To the membership of the MFASC.

My name is Vincent Noonan, CEF and I am the incoming president of the Metal Finishers Association of Southern California a chapter of the NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing). I have been in the Metal Finishing industry for over 35 years, currently Vice President Strategic Operations at Sheffield Platers in San Diego, CA. What started as my “first job” in this industry many years ago, has become the foundation for my career and passion of the industry. I currently serve as Vice President for the MFASC Board and serve on the National Board of the AESF Foundation as Vice President.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Justin Guzman the current President of the MFASC. In the last two years Justin has continued to lobby and fight to ensure that any new or existing regulations on our industry are equitable and he has also set the example to show, that as an industry, we are always trying to stay ahead of regulations; enacting our own cleanliness and environmentally safe practices even if we are again and again targeted unfairly.

“California is on the front line of aggressive environmental regulations”

This next point cannot be emphasized enough, Justin has gracefully led the association through the last two years of an ongoing pandemic. Providing tools for employers, guidance at both a local and national level and being our voice for the NASF. As we all know, California is on the front line of aggressive environmental regulations, but this also means that the rest of the country will be soon to follow. Justin has been extremely involved in helping the association before he was an officer, and he will continue to serve on the Executive Committee as Past President.

I have a few goals as the incoming President.

  • The first is to continue to represent the association regarding regulations and rulemaking in California. Our lobbying efforts in Sacramento and at local committee meetings have provided some big wins for the industry in California and this must be continued. MFASC is currently working on CARB, AQMD, DTSC and PFAS issues/regulations for all members. Much of what we do is done behind the scenes, but rest assured it is one of our core missions in support of the industry.
  • Second, we would like to further align the Southern California Chapter with the NASF. We need to ensure that we are in lockstep in our thinking, strategies and resource allocation. If we act together, we are stronger as a unit.

Once again, we will push for in person events in 2022.

Our annual golf tournament, supplier showcase & fall outing are important fundraising events for the association. It is very clear that fundraising is and will continue to be one of the key tenets of our strategies. In the past 4 years the MFASC has spent over $600,000 + negotiating and re-drafting regulation including AQMD 1469. We will continue to ask for your contributions and support moving forward. We will be announcing dates and venues for our upcoming events in the next few weeks.

We will continue to hold monthly zoom compliance training for all members. A schedule of dates and topics will be sent out soon. The group storm water program will also continue as a benefit all members.

“Without you we would not have been able to stay active in our industry for this long.”

Lastly, I would like to thank our members for their continued loyalty and support. Since 1945 there has been an active association in California fighting for and providing support for our members. Without you we would not have been able to stay active in our industry for this long.

Please contact me personally with any thoughts on the MFASC, or any areas of emphasis you would like to see us address over the next year or two. We look forward to continuing our mission as a key supporter for the Surface Finishing Industry in California.


Vincent Noonan, CEF
President of the MFASC