FinishingandCoating.com Article Spotlights Sheffield Platers!

Tim Pennington, Editor-In-Chief at FinishingandCoating.com, spotlight Sheffield Plater’s very own Dale and Mark Watkins as “perfect models for how to run an electroplating shop” in a story on Electroplating / Metal Finishing By Sheffield Platers Inc, at finishingandoating.com.

Read how the Watkins brothers, Vice President of Strategic Operations Vincent Noonan, CEF, Quality Manager Jennifer McCown, and their team have won awards from environmental agencies and been labeled a “Model Shop” for their efforts.

Tim covers how Sheffield Platers knows the finishing business very well, quoting Dale Watkins, “We have a technical staff that is second to none. In this industry, if your customers can see that you understand every aspect of your processes and how it affects their products, they will continue to seek out your expertise.”

Below is a recap of the article, and we want to thank Tim Pennington for sharing our story. Read more details and the full article Electroplating / Metal Finishing By Sheffield Platers Inc, at finishingandcoating.com

Coating and Plating Services: Hermetic Connectors, Semiconductor, Electroless Nickel, and more…

Sheffield Plating has become one of the United States’ top plating companies. Including extensive expertise in services like hermetic connectors, semiconductor, and electroless nickel, gold, black nickel for (Serial Peripheral Interface) SPI Connectors, Cadmium, PTFE, and Hermetic Functional Coatings. Sheffield’s coating, processing, and finishing capabilities have allowed it to operate well in spite of the competitive market. In fact, Sheffield not only patented its proprietary SPI Connector Black process but is also the leading expert in its field and continues to meet the high-quality specification requirements for this coating to be used in the shipyard, aircraft, or automotive industries.

Model of Environmental Responsibility: SO 9001:2008 Certification and Nadcap Accreditation

The sibling owners of Sheffield Platers, Mark and Dale Watkins, and the entire Sheffield team pride themselves on keeping up its high standard of quality for all its products and services while keeping true to its goals of maintaining sustainability and responsible environmental standards. This mission has made Sheffield’s 21,000-square-feet facility with over sixty employees not only into a model shop for the industry in California but also have met the incredibly high standards to have an ISO 9001:2008 certification and Nadcap accreditation.

Sheffield Platers also employs a closed-loop environmental system where it responsibly treats and takes away all of its facility’s waste materials. Due to this system, Sheffield Platers was given the honor of receiving the Model Shop Award from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. The Model Shop Award has only been presented in the state of California to three electroplating shops. Alongside the aforementioned system, Sheffield is also a part of a pollution prevention program for metal finishing businesses called the DTSC’s Metal Finishing Model Shop Program. The goals of this program are to help finishers follow health, water, safety, waste, and environmental regulations while constantly working towards compliance improvement.

According to Vincent Noonan, Sheffield Platers’ Vice President Strategic Operations, “…the company’s facilities are so much in compliance that the San Diego Fire Department uses the shop as an example to show other plating companies how to properly operate their own facilities.”

Ongoing Efforts: National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF)

Sheffield Platers continues to be a leader in the finishing industry. Seeking to help its professionals, shops, and business progress and grow. Dale Watkins, Vincent Noonan, and other heads of finishing companies are all actively working with industry alliances, including the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), to help provide solutions to ongoing issues, support industry growth, and meet with legislative officials to bring industry information to those at national levels.

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