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Gold plating is widely used for engineering applications, predominately for its electrical properties and where good corrosion resistance, excellent solderability, or high tarnish resistance is needed. From prototyping and PPAP qualification to full production processing, it is our goal to exceed your quality expectations.


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    Sheffield Platers is a third generation family owned business located in San Diego, California, specializing in Electroless Nickel, Gold, Black Nickel, Cadmium, PTFE, and Hermetic functional coating capabilities. Our state of the art facility along with our dedicated team has given Sheffield the tools and ability to provide top quality metal finishing worldwide. Sustaining our environmental stewardship is a focal point and has enabled Sheffield to become an environmental leader locally, nationally, and internationally.


    Gold Plating Gallery

    Capabilities & Capacities:

    Rack Plating

    For intricate shapes, including molded contacts, connectors, rotatable connectors, ground springs, and selective plating.

    Barrel Plating

    For high volume of contact pins, small contact rings, and various small size parts.

    Vibratory Plating

    For highest quality on contact pins, contact rings, and various small size parts. This method includes best distribution and coverage, including difficult to plate inside wall of small bores.

    Extensive In-house Quality and Analytical Laboratory

    Featuring the latest in X-ray per ASTM B 568, Chemical Analysis and Atomic Absorption, NDT, Solderability, Adhesion per ASTM B 571.

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    Parts up to 2 feet (for type I or II)
    Parts up to 1 foot (for type III)

    *8% env fee applicable on all orders.

    *Notice is hereby given that Sheffield Platers Terms and Conditions of sale, QP4.3F06 Rev D shall apply to this order and can be found here: Terms & Conditions


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    Current Vendor Approvals Include:

    Lockheed Martin, Qualcomm, Amphenol, L3, Teledyne Oil and Gas, Parker Hannifan, Acushnet, ITT, Tyco, JPL and other commercial, military, aerospace, medical and connector organizations.

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